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How Party Rentals can Take your Tailgating to the Next Level

Tailgating is a time-honored tradition in the fall, as sports fans gather with friends to start the party well before the game begins. How’s your tailgate game? If it’s always the same old thing, it may be getting a little bit boring. For a tailgate party that may just have your guests skipping the game to keep the fun going, consider renting some gear to take it to the next level.

· Make people comfortable. Get there early enough to stake out a spot that allows you to really sprawl, and bring enough chairs for everyone, renting extras to make sure. You’ll also need a table or two, for serving food and drinks. Is there a chance of inclement weather? Don’t let that put an end to the festivities! Bring a pop-up canopy and keep the party going.

· Up your game when it comes to food. The food’s the most important factor in tailgating, right? Have you ever considered renting a five-foot barbecue, or maybe even a barbecue with a spit? For sides that are better warm, chafing dishes can keep them that way from the first guest to the last. Want to really make things fun? Consider concessions. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you offer them cotton candy, a snow cone, or popcorn, straight out of your own machine!

· Skip the paper plates and napkins. Dress up your serving tables with table linens, and choose casual tableware in your team’s colors. Cloth napkins make a more sophisticated impression than paper, and you can choose everything in colors that match your fun décor. Want to go beyond an ice bucket full of beers? You can easily rent a portable bar and pass out drinks like a pro. If you’re nervous about bringing your own plates and glassware to a parking lot, renting is a great solution.

· Find fun ways to keep people occupied before the game begins. Bring some games like corn hole or bocce, set up electronics like a sound system for your favorite tunes or a flat-screen TV for pre-gaming. You could even raffle something off if you’re into it: it’s easy to rent a raffle drum and make it official.

Whatever you need to rent to make your tailgating next-level amazing, you can count on A-1 Party Rentals and Events to help you make it a success. At A-1, we’ve got over two decades of experience in meeting and exceeding customers’ needs, and we’re committed to helping you plan an event that runs smoothly and leaves you with wonderful memories. A locally owned, complete service special event and equipment rental company in Redwood City, California, we’re proud to have built our success on strong relationships with our clients. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality, service, and attention to detail, and our inventory is unequaled in selection and quality. Visit our showroom to learn all we have to offer, or contact us through our website for more information.

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