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What to Consider When Choosing a Tent

Renting a tent is a great idea when you’re hosting a big event. It gives you options if you’re planning an indoor-outdoor event, and helps you keep guests protected from the elements if your entire event is being held outside. How do you choose the perfect tent for your event? We have some tools that can help you make your decision.

· Think about where your tent will be placed. Is it grass, asphalt, concrete, or wood? Soil and gravel are the most ideal surfaces for staking a tent, but there are anchoring options available for a wide range of surfaces, so talk to your rental company about your choices. Check with utility companies to make sure you’re not going to run into any nasty surprises underground when you stake. It’s also smart to check overhead for power lines or trees that might interfere with your tent plans.

· Consider the size of your space. Knowing how much room you’ll have available will be a major factor in choosing tenting for your event. There should be at least ten feet of free space around the tent for safe anchoring, and you should make note of surrounding buildings and how to best access the tent or tents.

· What needs to go under the tent? You’ll need enough space for your guests and their seating, but what else will need to fit in the space allocated? A buffet? A bar? How about cake, favor, and gift tables? Will you have a dance floor or stage?

· Ponder your power needs. Make sure there’s a power source that will supply all of your needs. Think about what those needs might be. Will there be lighting? A DJ? Will the caterer need power? It’s important to have enough power to meet your needs so that you don’t lose power at a crucial moment.

· Will you require light and/or climate control? Think about the weather forecast and the time of day. Do you need sidewalls for your tent? Space heaters? Will your event be at night, requiring your tent to be well-lit?

· Don’t forget accessory tents, if needed. You might need tents for the caterers to use for prep or beverage service, or you might want a tent that features a special focal point like an ice sculpture or wedding cake.

· Consider the surroundings. Are there available restrooms? How is the parking? Is the area easily accessible for vendors and guests? It’s good to have a location where guests don’t have to take a long hike to get there, and vendors won’t charge you for the inconvenience of having to put for the extra effort to bring in equipment.

No matter what kind of party you’re hosting, A-1 Party Rentals and Events can help you make it a success. At A-1, we’ve got over two decades of experience in meeting and exceeding customers’ needs, and we’re committed to helping you plan an event that runs smoothly and leaves you with wonderful memories. A locally owned, complete service special event and equipment rental company in Redwood City, California, we’re proud to have built our success on strong relationships with our clients. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality, service, and attention to detail, and our inventory is unequaled in selection and quality. Visit our showroom to learn all we have to offer, or contact us through our website for more information.

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