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Don’t Let Winter Weather Spoil your Fun

Winter is a wonderful time to throw a party. There are many different holidays to celebrate, and gathering with friends and family is a warm and cozy thing to do. You can even host an outdoor event, with a bonfire or fire pit for roasting marshmallows, and lights strung around the party, twinkling in the brisk winter air. But what do you do when winter weather strikes and threatens to ruin the mood? There are plenty of options for keeping the party going, even when the weather outside is frightful.

· Plan ahead and rent a tent. Twinkling lights are still magical under cover of shelter, and a tent can be a festive place to gather a crowd for your celebration. You can even rent a dance floor and take the party to the next level. However, moving inside the house needn’t be disastrous. If you’re short on seating or tables, it’s easy to rent everything you need to make your space work.

· Patio heaters can keep things toasty. Usually fueled by propane, these are free-standing heaters that will keep your guests warm even if the weather is not being cooperative. Plan on renting at least one heater for every 25 square feet you intend to heat.

· Keep your food warm even if the weather is cool. Chafing dishes and coffee servers can go a long way toward making sure everything stays delicious and hot. A toasty mug of hot chocolate, spiced cider, or coffee will go a long way toward keeping your guests warm.

· You could always embrace the cold. Especially if it’s snowing, the winter weather can sometimes actually enhance a party. Make a bonfire, bundle up, and roast marshmallows together; if there’s snow, have a snowball fight or snowman making contest.

· Use the cold to your advantage. It’s easy to keep cold foods cold when the temperature outside is low, and if you have an ice sculpture, freezing temps will make it last longer. One fun idea to make the most of the cold is to freeze balloons full of colored water and place them around the yard. Once they’ve frozen, remove the balloons for fun colorful ice balls dotting the landscape.

When you want to throw an amazing party, you can count on A-1 Party Rentals and Events to help you make it a success. At A-1, we’ve got over two decades of experience in meeting and exceeding customers’ needs, and we’re committed to helping you plan an event that runs smoothly and leaves you with wonderful memories. A locally owned, complete service special event and equipment rental company in Redwood City, California, we’re proud to have built our success on strong relationships with our clients. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality, service, and attention to detail, and our inventory is unequaled in selection and quality. Visit our showroom to learn all we have to offer, or contact usthrough our website for more information.

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