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6 Must-Haves to Rent for Your Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be a very romantic affair, whether it’s rustic or elegant, simple or elaborate. When you’re planning your wedding, your focus will understandably be on important things like guests, attendants, wardrobe, flowers, and food. Whether you’re planning a rustic wedding with a simple buffet, a chic and modern wedding with cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres, or the most elegant of affairs, complete with a sit-down dinner, there are a few must-have basics that every wedding needs.

· Tents: Before you protest about the beauty of the setting, the brevity of the event, or the unlikelihood of inclement weather, allow us to stop you. No matter what you do, you must provide your guests with shelter from the elements, whether that means rain or sun.

· Chairs: How many chairs do you need? Can the chairs you rent pull double duty, moving from the ceremony to the reception without too much inconvenience to the guests? Make a plan and plot everything out before you call a rental company, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need. In addition to chairs, you may want to consider some comfy furniture, so the guests have somewhere to lounge if they’d like.

· Tables: This is obvious if you’re planning a sit-down dinner, but it’s important even if you desire the most casual of cocktail hours. People need places to set down their things, so it only makes sense to provide them with surfaces. Don’t forget a gift table, if guests are likely to bring gifts to the wedding.

· Linens: Choose tablecloths and napkins that are appropriate to your theme and match your wedding’s color scheme, or go with white or neutral to allow your place settings and centerpieces to really shine.

· Dance Floor: Is it even a wedding if there’s no dancing? There are different styles of dance floors to fit your theme and personality, but perhaps the most important part of renting one is determining how large it will need to be. Consider carefully the number of guests who will be in attendance, and choose a dance floor big enough for everyone to have a good time.

· Plates and Flatware: From rustic, to whimsical, to elegant, there are place settings to suit every wedding. Talk to the caterer and bartender to make sure they have what they need before you make your rental plans.

When it’s time to find the right rental company to outfit your perfect wedding day, it’s time to contact A-1 Party Rental & Events. At A-1, we’ve got over two decades of experience in meeting and exceeding customers’ needs, and we’re committed to helping you plan an event that runs smoothly and leaves you with wonderful memories. A locally owned, complete service special event and equipment rental company in Redwood City, California, we’re proud to have built our success on strong relationships with our clients. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality, service, and attention to detail, and our inventory is unequaled in selection and quality. Visit our showroom to learn all we have to offer, or contact us through our website for more information.

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